BlackTec BlackTec

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Play blackjack against the computer!

Version: 2010 2.0
Licence: Trial
Publisher: MundoTec

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BlackTec description:

You’ve played blackjack before, you know a casino game is really fun and addictive.
The target 21 is obtained by adding the value of the cards you are dealt. To win, without going over, or at least you have to reach a higher number than the dealer to get 21. Each card has a number value; king, jack, and Queen are worth 10 points; and the ace is worth 11 points.
BlackTech Diego, which is created by rival gaming, a PC version of the game, it’s a good character.
BlackTech an expert or spend hours on perfecting whatever you’re learning, you will need to whether your game has everything.
The dealer starts by dealing two cards to each player, and the rest of the game depends on you. BlackTech bet anything you want, like the casino, but without fear of losing all your money.

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