Black Ice Black Ice

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Action and role-playing in a first-person cyberpunk adventure!

Version: 0.4.500
Licence: Free
Publisher: Garrett Cooper

Game screenshots:

Black Ice description:

Black ice, the developer, in his own words, the Tron aesthetic is the result of the blending of the nervous game. You have to repel in equal measures and where exactly the enemy and hack into their computer systems: game first-person role-playing and shooting game.
The game is simple: you hack systems according to your level, with the aim to destroy all the viruses that live in it. To do this, a good arsenal of weapons and wants to use before anything else you will have multiple abilities.
Kill, raise the level of your character you can use to gain more experience – the more experience enemies. You can select the features you want such as when you gain levels and abilities in any RPG. Is an important decision that will determine the style of your character.
Of black ice that you see in an open world cyberpunk, you must try to hack any system with an aesthetic that is set. Of course, this system causes yourself to death over your head almost.
Perfect black ice is a first-person action role-playing game is a surprisingly deep game. And above all, great graphics and awesome (Tron style) is a soundtrack.

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