Bit of War Bit of War

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God of War in 8-bits!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Holmade Games

Game screenshots:

Bit of War
Bit of War

Bit of War description:

The pantheon of Greek gods Kratos the war some time for more style on the floor with their feet, you will be a successful Assassin, which is complex retro war god ‘,’ make-up.
This time of-the-art graphics and movements-does not enjoy this status because mechanics forget the God of battle. Enjoy this stunning 3D and amazing 2D style that change. 2D jump and go back in time and enjoy killing the enemy.
Your guns, chains and knives, and following the original game, the more the game as long as you go, you will be able to use new weapons. These weapons are not recognized, Of course, but you’ll like it.
A story about the War bit is a platform action game that offers a fun 3 hour. This small control 8-bit Kratos in a 2D environment it’s a real pleasure really.

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