Billiard Bombs Billiard Bombs

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Billiards game with bombs instead of balls!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

Billiard Bombs
Billiard Bombs
Billiard Bombs

Billiard Bombs description:

Free billiard bombs billiards game with a funny feature: bombs and snooker balls now: Yes, a similar sound, but not the same.
Always against them, but this game features a ball, always score if you have them, if you have time, it will explode and you will lose the game.
Also, the bomb you will find more obstacles in playing billiards, this billiard games liven up. you go through the levels you will find more challenges and more fun the game will be.
Finally, it is very easy to control: mouse control the direction and power of the shot. A realistic effect or more features, a very funny game, but it doesn’t if you are looking for a realistic game Billiard Bombs may be a good choice.

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