Big Hunter Big Hunter

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Become a big game hunter!

Version: 2.8.7
Licence: Free

Game screenshots:

Big Hunter
Big Hunter
Big Hunter

Big Hunter description:

Great hunter hunting a hunter in a primitive tribe of mammoths running where you play a 2D arcade game. A primitive hunter, the javelin will consist of a group of just tool. It’s not too small and mammoths.
Great hunter, the controls are simple and intuitive. If you touch the screen crushed by a mammoth step back from what you need. A floating finger backwards javelin throw. Problem? Mammoth to protect against any attacks she’s got big teeth, it really means you will have to arc the shot.
Great hunter days are divided into levels. A new challenge every day, normally More Life points to compensate for mammoths, low javelin, or material weak points are formed with Face. 100 all different levels.
Great hunter is a very entertaining game, which is especially attractive because of the amazing graphics. In addition, the mechanics of the game are perfect for fast and fun with a tour.

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