Berserker Quest: VI Berserker Quest: VI

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Indie first-person RPG!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Armitage Games

Game screenshots:

Berserker Quest: VI
Berserker Quest: VI
Berserker Quest: VI

Berserker Quest: VI description:

Berserker Quest: VI, where’s that old scrolls and might and magic saga: other famous games like Skyrim or title, such as Onyx, which play a berserker the first person to find the medallion of duty is an RPG.
Throughout the adventure, monsters and explore the dungeon the bosses of four major special. Fortunately, with just (from hand to hand, long distance combat for two-and-there will be a lot of different weapons, but at the same time you can enlist the help of your friends over the internet.
Berserker Quest: VI co-op mode to play with friends, kill enemies groups allows creating adventurous you can enter the dungeon. He said, you need to be very careful because character death is permanent.
Real-time combat system is very simple: to attack with the sword, and right with the mouse Left-Click-Click to block with Shield.
Berserker Quest: VI, sloppy graphics, although it has an excellent array of solid action with a touch of RPG offers hours of fun. Yourself co-op mode you can play the best part or two.

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