Battle Tanks Battle Tanks

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2d Tank game featuring several battle modes!

Version: 0.8.7686
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Battle Tanks Team

Game screenshots:

Battle Tanks
Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks description:

Battle tanks 2D multiplayer online battle tank that allows you to play a funny game.
Of war that different modes: death match, capture the flag or cooperative. Build your team and fight against enemies and destroy them.
One of the most interesting features of battle tanks, so two players playing on the same computer you can play even there is no possibility of dividing the screen in two areas.
Select one of the three tools available before we start shooting and war. great graphics, really funny in your hand to enter a battle, missiles, grenades, anti-tank mines, thermonuclear explosives, weapons and ammunition.
Lastly, unless you want to play online, just against the war computer.

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