Battle Capacity Battle Capacity

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Monster fights in 2D!

Version: 2013
Licence: Free
Publisher: Iván Boivin

Game screenshots:

Battle Capacity
Battle Capacity
Battle Capacity

Battle Capacity description:

Battle monsters 2D fighting game room to choose from willing to throw a punch capacity of 15 different. The design of these creatures is completely original, although some serious Пока©mon may be the new versions of the series.
To make something more challenging by playing against the AI in the adventure mode; against a friend or playing with the same keyboard-player mode, the capacity of battle you can play. More comfortable to play, also connect the two controllers.
The uniqueness of his characters as well as war capacity€™s the most striking feature is the graphics. Shame the animations each character carefully drawn with a wide range of titles that will give you a lot of money for. Even the settings looks stunning.
Battle Capacity is a superior fighting game in every respect. Warriors and a variety of special attacks, multiple game modes and excellent graphics is always at hand, whether it is ready to play one of those games that give you the potential to be.

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