Bang Howdy Bang Howdy

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Marvellous fast paced game based on the Wild West!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Three rings Design

Game screenshots:

Bang Howdy description:

Tired of always playing the same type of game and another one time. A different game now, eye, colorful, fast and very interesting capture. Bang! Hi, Will Surprise You, which is a mix of real time and turn-based strategy.
This game for the first time, will be able to create your own character, a cowboy or cowgirl, hair color, eyes, nose, mouth, and of course the name is really important to chose the Wild West.
Playing Bang! Hi, your play style and strategies that affect persistent volumes in the next game shot, earned acquisitions and privatization, micro-money system, together with the earnings you will use.
When you go further in the game, which will be introduced with new units, gameplay scenarios, arenas, customizations and game features you will find.
And now, Bang! Hello Seamus McNally Grand Prize and Technical Excellence Award and has been nominated for the Independent Games Festival for 2007, with more arguments do you need? Download and enter the Wild West.

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