Ballistic Fist Ballistic Fist

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One-on-one fights!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Shameless Studios

Game screenshots:

Ballistic Fist
Ballistic Fist
Ballistic Fist

Ballistic Fist description:

Ballistic Fist is a fighting game that is similar to 2D games like Tekken and dead or alive. -A fighting game with graphics that uses 3D models-traditional.
Ballistic Fist, four different characters, each with a combination of punches and special attacks. Girl, Russian the fastest and slowest and powerful, as usual.
Ballistic Fist doesn’t offer much variety in terms of characters and settings, but to be entertained for hours playing against a friend on the same computer it’s too easy. Also you can play against the computer in different levels of difficulty.
A few characters, but you can use the ballistic Fist is a fighting game in 2D with excellent graphics. Still, it’s a good game. Best of all, it’s free.

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