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Want to Drive a Flying Tank?!

Licence: Free
Publisher: quickfingers

Game screenshots:


AWOL description:

Control a tank and fly a plane at any moment that could make it ILLEGAL in a two-dimensional action game. ¿is funny? .
The game is easy to play. Mouse and arrow keys to shoot with a canon you can decide how fast and steep the path is.
Fairly short and fairly simple game. The game has only one level. The object as far as possible by eliminating all the enemies go forward and that is progress. You to stop bombs, troops, tanks and other planes.
The contrast between the background and foreground with simple graphics of this game that uses the characters in a beautiful appearance.
ILLEGAL to keep occupied for a good time and more, but the game is fun to play and because it is easy, it’s a short game so it is worth a try.

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