Avalanche Avalanche

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Pure, tough action in the world of Final Fantasy VII!

Version: 0.8a
Licence: Free
Publisher: Rich Whitehouse

Game screenshots:


Avalanche description:

Users play Final Fantasy VII Tifa raw as an activist terrorist group avalanche in a timely manner, the universe is a 3D action game.
Fans of this saga, Mako Reactor, Cosmo Canyon, or such as it becomes a familiar venues-long adventure throughout them old acquaintances (all) dozens of enemies you have to fight. Shinra soldiers and Iron Giants from Final Fantasy universe classic different animals have been added.
Do something simple for complex combinations of punches, a battle system that allows you to manage other features of your character, also avalanches, in addition to. A menu very similar to the original game, Tifa and attributes in the inventory you can see. Also (such as potions) you can change your weapon or use some of the objects.
One of the most surprising elements of the original Final Fantasy VII Avalanche models that are used in the conflict have very similar graphics. This is significantly more detailed character models than the normal ones and the game looks absolutely fantastic.
Raw surprise and a very fun action game that will delight fans. Still by many considered to be the greatest that ever lived JPG.

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