Artifact Artifact

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Real time strategy in a persistent world!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Samu Games

Game screenshots:

Artifact description:

Objects in a persistent world with other players should go alliance or war against them is a strategy game that takes place in real time.
The world is definitely a unique online strategy game is one of the things that makes a lasting work. When you log off, the world continues to develop even built yourself into, and what that means: the population is growing, the workers continue to work, and, of course, enemies still continue to attack you.
So it’s very important for me to make an alliance with other players. Then, if you’re not around to defend the Empire, at least an ally, and vice-versa, you can trace back to.
Now, the main object of the game, build your own empire and lead the army I want to find the artifacts of power. Provide major improvements in terms of fighting against enemies, which is why this is so valuable.
Despite coming out with work-(the game first released in 1999), the dated graphics, the gameplay is a really fun multiplayer experience that offers a real-time strategy game. And you have a big database with lots of loyal players.

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