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Create, organize and share you vision for a videogame!

Licence: Trial
Publisher: Nevigo GmbH

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articy: draft
articy: draft
articy: draft

articy: draft description:

Articy: Draft game designers put their ideas visually on the screen so that you can easier to organize themselves in order to convey their ideas to other members of the development team for a video game design tool-back-to-back is amazing.
This is extremely useful and easy to use and comes with an application designed Dec a face; I have the application programming knowledge, so any user, no matter what you can use without having to go through complicated tutorials is designed.
Khadija draft strong points: there is the possibility of managing characters in a story, scenario, everything like narrative games hat and many possible branches, it has to do in a simple and easy manner. What’s even more important (including the author himself) everyone can understand just by looking at it visually can be done.
Now, this is the lyrics: is not the only thing you can do with the draft. Additionally, the data base and to incorporate more of them into each character, design scenes, weapons, objects or tools to manage (his best role your play style) you can create a type of character sheet.
Once you got the job done (or not) in this XML, Excel, or word, such as more ‘manageable’ formats to all progress.
Articy: Draft, especially for game designers designed on the computer screen in a much easier way than they ever could have imagined a tool that let their mental maps.

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