Art of War: Red Tides Art of War: Red Tides

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Jaw-dropping MOBA with tinges of retro gameplay!

Version: 1.3.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: 文网游备字

Game screenshots:

Art of War: Red Tides
Art of War: Red Tides
Art of War: Red Tides

Art of War: Red Tides description:

Art of War: Red tides and more classic RTS games like StarCraft, including the sub-types of conceptual RTS with an extraordinary remix. But during this time wave after wave of aggressive attacks during the War soldier you need to send the right strategic capabilities to make the most of the decipher.
3 players online in PvP mode battles as a team; your goal is to destroy enemy bases, you can make it as fast as I can. To do this effectively you need to deploy and assemble at the front. Management, in this sense, you need to choose the right type of troops for each attack. Also a certain amount of the power supply used is also of special skills you get a number.
Each faction has a separate set of units to distribute. With that said, the deck is sufficient to add the strategic component of the factions in this game lies in the selection of 10. Here’s more units, the higher the number of troops to send to war.
Art of War: red tides together with strategic components; at the same time, smartphones and PC gaming, including multiple extraordinary versions in order to allow for cross-platform RTS game. After all, a title filled with plenty of gorgeous in terms of graphics, action provides non-stop, the premise has enough original moments.

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