Army of Earth Army of Earth

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Drive your tank and destroy enemy bases online!

Version: 0.520 Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: Fundictive

Game screenshots:

Army of Earth
Army of Earth
Army of Earth

Army of Earth description:

The Battle Tank will be the boss of the world and the driver of the army massively multiplayer online war game. Of course the driver and the other tanks, tank fire against the enemy and the enemy base.
Yo8ur purpose is to destroy the enemy completely, but this game of your friends join the fight and to face six teams with real players, the real action begins to form. Driving and shooting is very easy and used in a couple of seconds, simply mouse and some keys you’ll get.
3D Army game in the world and the result is very good. The graphics are not perfect, but they’re very good things and great when you are playing online, the pace of the game graphics while playing online we accept attendees-
Connect to a server and you will be involved in a team. From that moment on, our goal will be to defend your base and destroy the enemies all around us. Is incredible. If you like war games, give this one a try, it’s completely free and there will be a lot of fun.

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