Ardentryst Ardentryst

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Role, action and platforms in this Castlevania-styled game!

Version: 1.7
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jordan Trudgett

Game screenshots:


Ardentryst description:

Ardentryst Super Mario, Castlevania, and Kingdom Hearts is a mix of. Sounds good, right? Place to explore full of enemies to kill and items for the game takes place in a fantasy world.
The player can choose between two characters: a man or a woman and your goal ardentryst as long as you are in the world, and go level by level to discover the history of the game to preserve peace.
Two playable characters, as well as Ardentryst weapons, armor, scenarios and offers a good variety of enemies.
When you’re finished playing the game also features online ranking, we compare our upload and punctuation good punctuation with the rest of the users.

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