Anno 2070 Anno 2070

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Management Strategy in a not-so-far future!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Ubisoft

Game screenshots:

Anno 2070
Anno 2070

Anno 2070 description:

In 2070, the planet changed. Unemployed and completely below the water level rising in the Black Sea there are others great ways. Life, in spite of new technologies, is more difficult. The challenge now more than ever.
Anno 2070 a futuristic environment, but on a larger scale in a similar way to the previous versions of this game play.
game system just allows you to affect the lifestyle of our citizens, but all aspects of the game environment. As in real life, if you make bad decisions, you will have to pay for them.
One of the most attractive points of the game, possibility, 2070 new technologies, many surprises waiting for us into the Deep Ocean seabed, and seek new resources and opportunities for diving thanks.
Anno 2070 is a strategy game with excellent graphics and sounds. Also going to be busy for so many hours, there are many ways to play.

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