Anarchy Arcade Anarchy Arcade

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Convert your Steam account into an arcade!

Version: 2.2.b
Licence: Free
Publisher: Elijah Newman-Gomez

Game screenshots:

Anarchy Arcade description:

Anarchy Arcade is a virtual arcade that you can customize with loads of personal touches and walk with Steam to convert the library into an application.
Anarchy Arcade basically works like a first person video game. Like any other game, you can walk through an empty room, but this practice is everywhere in the form of arcade machines, you have the option to create shortcuts.
All you need to do is choose a place in the room, and follow the instructions for creating your own game for any video game machine.
In addition to arcade games, Anarchy Arcade allows you to create shortcuts to the movie or the TV programs stored on the hard drive. Also you can use it to create and display pictures decorate the walls of the game room.
Anarchy is a very interesting arcade game; to use it, you must have Steam installed on your computer.

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