Alios Alios

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Shooting, blood, and aliens galore!

Licence: Free
Publisher: D3ViLShArK

Game screenshots:


Alios description:

Ali hibernation in a spaceship at the room, armed from head to toe Awakens in a mysterious space suit, packed into a soldier’s play “metroidvania” style action game.
Exit the room and began to explore the ship, as they’re armed with two machine guns why: the aliens have invaded the ship, you will notice that it looks like other people.
Fortunately, these aliens are not so fast, it’s quite easy to kill and … well, like you, no machine guns. Meanwhile, kill the enemies, except the narrow passageways of the ship to continue through the next space in the sequence, you must solve a few puzzles.
Visually, Alois a pretty interesting title; character designs and a simple scenario, but it’s still good. The effects of the enemy’s blood, its perfect.
Alois puts crazy over any element to focus on direct action and narrative action and platform game really fun.

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