AliensRL AliensRL

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Surviving aliens has never been so hard!

Version: 0.8.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kornel Kisielewicz

Game screenshots:


AliensRL description:

Alien space marine Srl for a colony that received no communication where you have to play the role of alien in the universe and travel with a design that is based portable. Naturally, everything goes wrong when the ship blows up, your friend dies, and suddenly an alien-infested colony trap yourself.
The beginning of the game as you play which can improve your character’s class and skills, you have to choose. This skill is the main and secondary weapons, first aid, etc. In short, everything a Marine must.
The controls are more simple most of the games in the genre, the aliens that killed the game starts as soon as you start, without having to go through any kind of post you can make. With that said, stay alive and kill a couple of the aliens that escaped the colony is not as easy.
Alien space marine SRL would be really terrible at playing with a fun role-playing game. Which should be starting to feel your character’s life is in danger, just a few minutes.

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