AjedrezNet AjedrezNet

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Play chess on the Internet in real time!

Version: 1.55
Licence: Free
Publisher: Oscar

Game screenshots:


AjedrezNet description:

Ajedrez chess game designed to run games full net over the internet peer2peer. You can easily play with people from all over the world.
The game via internet or local area network (TCP/IP) connection over to play with the same PC allows you to compete against another player either. Artificial intelligence vs a player option only for the border.
Net ajedrez with PGN (Portable Game Notation) format, Open PGN files with GAME stores and a game image file to play the game. Games, browser games lag and you can change the colors of the window to spice things up a bit.
Challenge your mental reflexes offers a great opportunity to clear ajedrez. And not only free, but also can be used in a variety of languages.

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