Age of Warring Empire Age of Warring Empire

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Sit on your throne and conquer all the kingdoms!

Version: 2.5.42
Licence: Free
Publisher: Silent Ocean

Game screenshots:

Age of Warring Empire
Age of Warring Empire
Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire description:

Age of Warring Empire to avoid losing power or ground and thus protect your kingdom from you have to conquer your opponents with the best strategy RPG where you control a powerful king.
In this game, you start with some terms you should be wise to deploy if you want to advance quickly. Also, you have the option to get more resources and progress the mission as planned.
Well-planned in addition to harvesting the fruit of the plant, train troops and building technologies will be need to focus on to improve your kingdom. Every development will be a step forward.
Age of Warring Empire, War at the same time you have to test before taking them to their soldiers. To do this you can find the perfect place for your warriors made of the magical Tower. Once the kingdom is self-sufficient and fed their armies go out and conquer new lands, and will be able to get the testimony of your opponents, and you can track your incoming leadership development.

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