Aeons Aeons

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Shoot to save the world, just the way it should be!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Jazz Software

Game screenshots:

Aeons description:

Round the middle of the aeons (or raised directly) borrowed elements of the ‘ 90s classics doom, Hexen and Heretic such as plenty of a first-person shooter.
The plot of the game is simple: an alien race trying to conquer the planet Earth, and to do so he will use a super-powerful weapon has. Your goal at all costs and don’t find that gun.
Throughout the short adventure you can find a lot of different weapons for use, (AL), starting with a bayonet, fist fighting, and for a hunting rifle, and soon a rocket launcher, nail gun, and will be awarded as a biological weapon.
Older games in the genre that is sure to bring back some nice memories from aeons simple, fun first person shooter. The game also becomes a real nightmare, includes four levels of difficulty.

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