Abandoned Earth Abandoned Earth

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Intense shooting onboard a spaceship!

Version: 0.1.3
Licence: Free
Publisher: Broken Bridge Games

Game screenshots:

Abandoned Earth
Abandoned Earth
Abandoned Earth

Abandoned Earth description:

Abandoned World 5 Unity a powerful, versatile motor developed by a free, first-person action game. The game was developed by a group of five people in four months. Amazing results.
An abandoned world, who the players are, it all went horribly wrong after the emergency you control a robot that finds a spacecraft that are open. Without any trace of human life, and the rest of your electronic equipment doesn’t work. Fortunately, there is a weapon in the service of your character.
Actually (for programmers) Recording, Half-Life and Halo first person shooting game inspired by. The game is similar to many other games, including many popular shooting game classic wave mode. So, players improve their skills and new weapons to defeat waves of enemies more difficult you will face when buying.
Very addicting gameplay and gorgeous graphics lets the world abandoned for a good free FPS. You’ll need a good computer to take advantage of them. If your computer is older, the graphics on low settings it should work.

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