A7Xpg A7Xpg

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Dodge enemy ships and get the top score!

Version: 0.11
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kenta Cho

Game screenshots:


A7Xpg description:

A7Xpg instead to shoot and kill all the enemies space ship where you have to dodge them and collect objects that increase the points of the original game.
The game classic Pac-Man, closed instead through the corridors, moving freely in an open space, except you can move your space ship is similar.
How long it takes little hard disk space and graphics A7Xpg is quite impressive considering that it does not require any installation. Lighting effects, explosions, and heat.
A7Xpg maximum points thanks to the system, really addictive game, beat your own personal best and encourages you to keep playing again and again.

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