A Nation of Wind A Nation of Wind

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Create your own world in the sky!

Version: Beta
Licence: Free
Publisher: NationofwindDev

Game screenshots:

A Nation of Wind
A Nation of Wind
A Nation of Wind

A Nation of Wind description:

The country is a mix of very different types of what seems to be wind. Arcade blaster and real-time strategy and amazing ability to make even the most experienced of players together they come to a new and different concept.
Most missions scattered around the map to conquer your goal in a different obelisk. To do this, the ship into the sky, you must destroy all enemies in his path and create temples in addition to sewn.
Also different resources that you will need to cast a spell or to build the coveted temples that is used to provide a nation of Wind a lot of structures you can create. In doing so, some enemies will try to attack you. Fortunately, I have a good arsenal of weapons to defend yourself.
The graphics are very nice in the wind country. A rough appearance, reminds in the late 80s, a happy game that you can spend your free time can create a living world.
A nation of wind’s approach, which is as original as it is effective in game strategy and fun action game. This is a great free game quickly without realizing it you’ll be hooked.

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