A Man's Quest A Man's Quest

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A super-traditional 2D platformer!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Ink

Game screenshots:

A Man's Quest
A Man's Quest
A Man's Quest

A Man's Quest description:

The quest of a man (he was short, but that tree won’t let him play a young man on an epic adventure to get revenge on a kid who play that 8-Bit graphics with an independent platform.
The game is very simple: move the character with the cursor, Up arrow, space, and jump in with speech. Here’s this. Two elements give the game a bit more depth: long you hold the jump button, the jump much more; you can also buy gloves let alone grab onto ledges.
The game takes little more than 45 minutes, and play different types of scenarios, where complex jumps and dodge the spikes that can kill a hero with a touch of Woods, cemeteries, dungeon-like.
The quest of a man with retro-style graphics and gameplay game. May be a little short, but still very fun. While the story may not seem much initially, it’s actually quite interesting.

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