A Flipping Good Time A Flipping Good Time

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Explore dangerous mines and have a scary ol' time!

Licence: Free
Publisher: DigiPen

Game screenshots:

A Flipping Good Time
A Flipping Good Time
A Flipping Good Time

A Flipping Good Time description:

A flipping good time (tingling, mostly) a series of levels filled with hazards, either on foot or riding in a car that you will need to guide a child who is 2D platform game.
To avoid the pitfalls of the classic platform game you can jump and kill principles are as follows. Full of thorns on the ceiling in most places both twist levels, i.e., you’ll have to use objects in order to change the direction of gravity.
The game some difficulty, thanks to the front there are four different levels will keep you entertained for hours. Actually the hardest part€™s a discipline, but rather you€™Secret levels you need to unlock the hidden gems in the level, which won’t get.
To insert the game€™s graphics, it’s not too flashy, but still it’s pretty good. The two main characters perfectly and the levels in two dimensions is created.
A good time flipping supports Xbox 360 controls, keyboard (or controller) affixed to a good number of hours that will continue for a very fun game.

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