A-B-City A-B-City

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Build cities using the available letters!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: vampirewalrus

Game screenshots:

A-B-City description:

A-b-city buildings that can be used to spell out the names of players by using only the letters to create a city quite strange strategy and puzzle game.
When you place a building on any part of the map at one time, the letters you will get. Then you can use it to write these letters to add the names of the city buildings. For example, to create a flat building, and then the ‘garden’ next to the spell to create a park’.
Once the flats or houses) there are buildings that provide housing for the citizens will suffer. But once Citizens, Business and recreation areas, you need to create for them. Office buildings and shopping centers, stadiums, football, and everything to tennis courts means that you are creating.
A-b-City game a lot of fun, so much easier than it seems at first. The game features all kinds of spend a lot of money when figuring out the building, into the city and then more time in order to improve the fit.

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