3D-Simulator 3D-Simulator

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Driving simulator for practicing before heading out on the road!

Version: 5.0
Licence: Trial
Publisher: 3D-Driving School

Game screenshots:


3D-Simulator description:

Inupiaq is behind the wheel of a car driving 3D test like this will give different types of testing school students for the purposes of riding in a driving simulator.
The simulator is highly configurable, you can define the controls of the vehicle, which will be (very low minimum requirements) with “the game” we want to see the quality of graphics will allow you to set everything up.
Also different scenarios, cities, regulations and vehicles across a choice, both car and motorcycle driver.
The name indicates, An Inupiaq 3D Simulator. For this reason, it’s a more emotional thing it can be boring to those who wait classic car is not designed to be played like a game, but to take a spin around the city is just right.

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