0 A.D. 0 A.D.

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Build your own empire to conquer the rest!

Version: 0.0.23
Licence: Free
Publisher: Wildfire Games

Game screenshots:

0 A.D.
0 A.D.
0 A.D.

0 A.D. description:

0 A.D. the history of Empire and war at different points throughout the building and focused on a real-time strategy game. Clearly one of the best games of this genre, which is arguably the Kings ‘age of Empires II: The Age is inspired by.
In the same way as the age of Empires II the game 0 A.D. is experiencing. So, a few peasants and start with a scouting unit, and your goal is to build a great and powerful city full of new buildings and strong defensive systems. To expand this, build alliances, and destroy your opponents, you need to will be essential.
Build the city, develop and build up an army, resources you will need. Flesh, stone, wood and metal working you need always a plentiful supply in order to keep the villagers are basic ones.
Nine different civilizations in 0 A.D., the Greeks, the Romans, Persians and the British you can play as including. Each with their own buildings, has its own advantages and its own troops. Great care and caution to make everything historically accurate as much as possible each civilization has been customized.
0 A. D. Kings’ clone age of Empires II: although it began as you age, it soon developed an independent game with its graphics engine. And shows. Visually very strong and 0 A. D. Empires’ franchise ‘in the film of the Third Age is much closer.
That are outstanding open source and free to play 0 A.D. real-time strategy game. In addition, although in the very early stages of development, already offers a gaming experience far superior to many commercial titles.

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